Deals on foreclosures


Okay, so we all know that the real estate market isn’t quite what it used to be, right?  Well the silver lining is there are some phenomenal deals out there right now on distressed properties if you are in a position to buy.  Financing rates are still very attractive, and there are still a few 100% financing options available.

So you may be wondering to yourself “So how do I find these great deals??”, well the best place to start looking is online, specifically this website J. HUD homes have been very aggressively priced and can be excellent values. You can sign up to receive a color photo list of available properties at

Additionally, I can set you up to be notified of all foreclosures in your area of interest so you will not miss out on that next killer deal. Just sign up at  and let me know what you are looking for.

I have sold many distressed properties in the last several years, and would be happy to walk you through the whole process!