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Sept. 23, 2019

Fall in the Falls

Fall in the Falls

After the perfect weather all summer long many people begin to dread the change of season.  But living in Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas presents a perfect environment to enjoy blissful fall weather before the snow comes.  With numerous community events and pumpkins patches, our area provides the perfect opportunity to soak up the fall months!


Pumpkin Patches and Straw Mazes

Grove City Gardens: 246 West 20 North, Blackfoot, ID 83221.  Phone: 208-403-2664 Alternate Phone: 208-785-0338

Wild Adventure Corn Maze: 135 West 450 North Blackfoot, Idaho. Phone: 208-539-7271

New Sweden Farms: 3662 W 17th S, Idaho Falls, ID 83402 Phone: 208-539-7271

U-Pick Red Barn: 2726 Rollandet St. Idaho Falls, ID 83402 Phone: 208-932-5235

RC Acres: 1850 E 350 N, St. Anthony, ID 83442. Phone: 801-518-1497. Alternate Phone: 208-520-4720

Country Trails Corn Maze: 2101 West 6300 South, Rexburg, ID 83440 Phone: 208-390-6634. Alternate Phone: 208-390-7370

Larsen Farms: 7020 W 6000 N, Rexburg, ID 83440. Phone: 208-709-0701

Scare Tower and Straw Maze: 200 North 200 West, Rexburg, ID 83440. Phone: 801-885-8252.

The Rexburg Straw Maze: 411 West 7800 South Next Big Jud's Restaurant, Rexburg, ID 83440. Phone: 801-769-6293

Sept. 23, 2019

Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming!

How to Prepare your Home Before the Snow Hits

It would be so easy to spend every weekend before winter enjoying the sun and soaking up the holiday bliss, but with home homeownership comes responsibilities.  Before the snow comes here is a shortlist of things you need to do to prepare your home for the cold.


Rake your leaves:

Besides making memories with your children by jumping into the piles you create, raking your leaves is important for your lawn care.  Leaving leaves will kill your grass and prevent growth once the snow melts.


Clean your gutters:

Replacing gutters, roof, siding is a very expensive home project, take the steps to prevent this from happening by cleaning out your gutters as the leaves begin to fall.


Check for gaps:

No one likes paying more on their gas or electric bill then they have to.  To prevent your heat from escaping this winter do a thorough check of your windows, door, and around the house to make sure you have no gaps.


Bring it in:

Unless you plan on jumping on your trampoline in the snow or sitting in the brisk evening weather, you might want to consider bringing in your outdoor furniture,  This can save you tons of money in the long run since you will be prolonging the life of your things.


Shut it down:

Winter in Idaho can be brutal, and the last thing you want is to have your pipes freeze.  Make sure to call the experts to make sure the water from your sprinklers is completely shut and everything is well insulated to prevent a complete disaster later. 

Sept. 18, 2019

Found A Home

As a person who has traveled and lived across the country, many of my lifelong friends seemed shocked by the fact that I would settle in Idaho Falls, ID.  What some might see just a small city, I see a perfect place to still have tons to do while being able to walk next door and borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbor.  Whether you are single, married, young, or old Idaho Falls is the perfect place to settle down and make a home.


The community here in Idaho Falls is unlike any other I have experienced.  In a social media world, the community here in Idaho Falls is making the effort to have people come together in person once again.  Their downtown offers events throughout the year ranging from free to low-cost, adult-only to family-friendly, and things to enjoy in the sunshine or in the snow!  The city also offers a wide range of shopping and dining experiences that makes the need to go to a larger city unnecessary.


In larger cities, people always say that they can feel the "vibe" of the city, but if there was one way I would describe the vibe of Idaho Falls I would say that it's relaxing.  Not relaxing in any kind of dull way, but it's a city that you can come to have fun without dealing with the stress of traffic and angry people.  It's a place that I feel comfortable going out and about with my children, and it's a place that I can center myself and enjoy more of what life offers.  The city has done a great job of creating public spaces for people of all ages to enjoy the natural beauty of Idaho.  But if you are looking to completely escape any city vibes you can drive just a short distance and be completely one with nature. 


While coming to Idaho Falls might have seemed like a short tem adventure at first it has quickly turned into a place that I call home.  With the city meeting all of my needs, not just on a physical level but on an emotional one as well, it is the perfect place to raise a family or to enjoy the single life.  With living here I see no need to move on and go to "bigger and better things" Idaho Falls is the perfect balance of city and small-town feel that I have grown to love and adore. 

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July 8, 2016

July Ammon Market Reports

Ammon Market Report

July 8, 2016

July Market Reports

Idaho Falls July Market Stats

June 6, 2016

Idaho Falls, ID market stats 06/06/2016

Idaho Falls real estate stats 06/06/2016

March 24, 2016

March Idaho Falls Market Report

March Idaho Falls Market StatsMarket Statistics

Jan. 26, 2016

Year end market stats

Here is a quick look at how we finished out 2015 versus 2014. As you can see it is good news for sellers with days on market shorter in almost all Counties, as well as a substantial increase in sold units. Another great indicator is that the distressed property sales are also down substantially across the board. It is a great time to sell if you have been on the fence!

Southeast Idaho Market stats 2015

Dec. 4, 2015

Idaho Fall Area Market Stats

Here are the most recent Real Estate market statistics for Bonneville, Jefferson, Bingham, Madison, and Fremont Counties.

2015 shows a healthy increase in sales over 2014 YTD as of 10/31/2015. It has been a great year for sellers across Southeast Idaho!

Idaho Falls Real Estate Market Statistics


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Oct. 20, 2015

Explore Historic Idaho Falls Real Estate at the Idaho Museum

Visit historic Idaho Falls real estate at Idaho Museum.Immerse yourself in the Museum of Idaho. This is the perfect place to learn about historic Idaho Falls real estate, to spend an afternoon expanding your mind. With both exhibits and interactive events, the Museum creates many learning opportunities for the community. Permanent exhibits include Eagle Rock, the Local Idaho History Room and the Children’s Discovery Room.

The Eagle Rock display showcases replicas of what commercial Idaho Falls real estate would look like in the late 1800’s. There are 10 storefront windows to gaze into and imagine former times, including a blacksmith’s barn, carpenter shop and doctor’s office. In the Idaho History Room check out the town’s rustic school house and marvel at the contrast between past and future. Lewis and Clark memorabilia and a genuine buffalo hide tipi can also be found here. Geographical 3D displays of Idaho’s contrasting landscape set the scene in the Children’s Discovery Room. Designed to engage curious young minds and active little bodies, kids can crawl through a bear cave or beaver dam and explore a pioneer cabin.

Children living in Idaho Falls and its surrounding areas can also attend special events at the Museum. Meet A Scientist and Discovery Days both occur on a regular basis and feature interactive learning. See the Museum of Idaho for more details in planning your day and a description of current exhibits.

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