Winter is Coming!

How to Prepare your Home Before the Snow Hits

It would be so easy to spend every weekend before winter enjoying the sun and soaking up the holiday bliss, but with home homeownership comes responsibilities.  Before the snow comes here is a shortlist of things you need to do to prepare your home for the cold.


Rake your leaves:

Besides making memories with your children by jumping into the piles you create, raking your leaves is important for your lawn care.  Leaving leaves will kill your grass and prevent growth once the snow melts.


Clean your gutters:

Replacing gutters, roof, siding is a very expensive home project, take the steps to prevent this from happening by cleaning out your gutters as the leaves begin to fall.


Check for gaps:

No one likes paying more on their gas or electric bill then they have to.  To prevent your heat from escaping this winter do a thorough check of your windows, door, and around the house to make sure you have no gaps.


Bring it in:

Unless you plan on jumping on your trampoline in the snow or sitting in the brisk evening weather, you might want to consider bringing in your outdoor furniture,  This can save you tons of money in the long run since you will be prolonging the life of your things.


Shut it down:

Winter in Idaho can be brutal, and the last thing you want is to have your pipes freeze.  Make sure to call the experts to make sure the water from your sprinklers is completely shut and everything is well insulated to prevent a complete disaster later.