BEST Neighborhoods In Ammon, ID You Need To Know About

Ammon, Idaho, is a small city located in Bonneville County. The city is quite pretty and features clean, well-kept streets. The weather for the city fluctuates. Residents experience all four seasons throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 14 to 86 Fahrenheit. Summers are typically warm and dry, while the winters are cold and snowy. Ammon, ID is an area that is perfect for outdoorsy people to settle down and enjoy.

The real estate market in Ammon, Idaho, is diverse with many housing options available. Choose between luxury homes with fine exquisite details or multi and single-family homes. There are also lots available to purchase and farms. The city is inviting for both renters and owners. 

Fascinating Places To Explore In/Near Ammon Idaho

  • The Museum of Idaho - The Museum of Idaho is located closely nearby in Idaho Falls. It has a newly constructed glass atrium giving guests views of stunning skies at all hours of the day or night. In addition, the Museum hosts many exciting events and exhibits throughout the year. 
  • The Idaho Falls Riverwalk - The Idaho Falls Riverwalk is a beautifully kept outdoor park. It has perfectly paved walkways making it great for joggers, strollers, skateboarders, etc. It leads around an artificial waterfall that is used to generate hydroelectricity. It's both educating and exciting while being super pretty. It is about a 15-minute drive from one of the best neighborhoods in Ammon.
  • The East Idaho Aquarium - The East Idaho Aquarium is run vastly by volunteers and by a love for animals. It houses sharks, stingrays, starfish, jellyfish, and more! It is a fantastic place to visit.
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Unique Places To See In/Around Ammon Idaho

There are several great things to do in and around Ammon Idaho. Alongside the fantastic landmarks mentioned above, a handful of little gems also make the city unique. 

  • Sunnyside Sweets Candy Shoppe - Sunnyside Sweets Candy Shoppe is a unique, retro candy shop.
  • The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho - The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho is a major tourist attraction. It hosts many art classes, workshops, and exhibits. It’s a great place to visit.

Best Neighborhoods In Ammon, ID

Ammon, Idaho has several fantastic neighborhoods. Some are set on the city's outskirts, giving the community a rural feel. Others are closer to the inner city and are within walking distance to several amenities.

Mountain Bend Estates

Mountain Bend Estates is an excellent neighborhood in Ammon, Idaho. It is family-friendly with a community that is very welcoming and warm. Explore walking, cycling, hiking, and more right in the community. Mountain Bend Estates is a community that embraces active transportation.

Bridgewater Ammon

Bridgewater Amon is one of the best neighborhoods in Ammon ID. It is a peaceful community with an impeccable landscape surrounding it. There are restaurants to enjoy, and the neighborhood is walking friendly. The community also has an excellent school called Bridgewater Elementary School.

Comore Loma

Comore Loma is a luxurious neighborhood in Ammon ID. The neighborhood has many vacant lots awaiting plans of your dream home, along with many luxury homes. The community gives residents access to spectacular views of the valley. Comore Loma is located at the base of a mountainous region. Along with spectacular views, locals also enjoy striking architecture and unique buildings. 

Comore Loma, ID

Oakridge Addition 

Oakridge Addition is a new community with fantastic new-build homes. It is a great community for families.

Eagle Pointe

Eagle Pointe is a community in Ammon, Idaho that is committed to providing affordable housing for residents. This neighborhood has apartment complexes and single-family homes.  

Trailwood Village

Trailwood Village is a very family-friendly community. It has many beautiful homes suitable for a modest budget. The homes are generally a decent size, suitable for a family. It is a very desirable neighborhood. There are many parks nearby and it's close to amenities.

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Living in one of the best neighborhoods in Ammon gives you front-seat access to amazing recreation opportunities. These include both indoor and outdoor activities! Many of these are tourist attractions, but well-loved by locals as well. 

  • Explore the Snake River Greenbelt. Less than six miles from Ammon ID, you'll find the Snake River Greenbelt. The area is fantastic for outdoorsy people. A well-maintained paved path is perfect for walking, cycling, rollerblading, etc. The Snake River Greenbelt has benches to rest on and dynamic gardens to enjoy. 
  • Idaho Falls Zoo. The Idaho Falls Zoo is less than five miles from Ammon ID. It has a diverse range of animals and is staffed with friendly people. The Idaho Falls Zoo is a great way to spend time. Explore a park with several paved paths and meticulously maintained landscaping. 

Rollerblading and Biking the Trails in Ammon, ID

The Final Word About The Best Neighborhoods In Ammon ID

Ammon, ID is a fantastic place to live. There are many quaint communities filled with amazing people. The communities are welcoming and filled with many great things to do. Ammon, ID is a community that provides many recreation opportunities for both young and old. The terrain in and around is beautiful and provides great scenery and photo opportunities. 

Recap of The Best Neighborhoods In Ammon ID

Ammon, ID has numerous fantastic neighborhoods. They are close to well-desired amenities and provide residents with entertaining recreation opportunities.

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