Idaho Falls, Idaho: The Complete Guide To This Welcoming City

If you like long, winding walking trails, small-town charm, and diverse weather conditions, then Idaho Falls city is a place to check out. It houses a gorgeous antique downtown that draws a crowd of both locals and tourists. The city has four welcoming neighborhoods with historic buildings, green parks, and excellent shopping stops. Idaho Falls City experiences all four seasons and hosts a fantastic outdoor farmers market. 

This guide will share all the details about life in this enchanting city. It gives you details about everything you need to know to either relocate or live in this location. This city is warm, welcoming, and filled with kind, wonderful people; It is a fantastic place to both visit and live.

A Guide To The Neighborhoods

This fantastic city is known to be broken into four neighborhoods. They are the downtown area, the numbered streets, the west side, and Snake River Landing. Each neighborhood offers many things to do, see, and places to eat and stay.


The downtown neighborhood is a treat. It has a tremendous small-town charm to it. The streets are lined with fantastic small businesses, and during the summer, hanging flower baskets can be seen on the median. 

The downtown neighborhood hosts many events throughout the year, such as the Fall Brew and Taste of Downtown. This community has many old, historic buildings, offering great photo opportunities that are definitely IG-worthy! Downtown is wonderful to wander through window shopping or hunting for that perfect gift. In addition, there are many restaurants, shops, boutiques, cafes, and more to explore and enjoy. 

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The Numbered Streets

The Numbered Streets community was one of the first neighborhoods planned in Idaho Falls City. It has several beautiful parks and quaint family homes. This neighborhood is very family-friendly.

West Side

The West Side has an enchanting, small-town feel. You’ll find perfect-kept yards, beautiful gardens, and small details that make this community so fantastic.

Snake River Landing

Snake River Landing is a mixed-use development. It is a community that houses restaurants, shops, apartments, condos, walking trails, and more. Snake River Landing is a great community to explore and live in. 

Maintain Yard in Idaho Falls, ID

What cities are nearby?

The welcoming city has a great location. There are several exciting cities/towns to check out that are closely located. Ammon, Idaho, is located just 5 miles outside of Idaho Falls City. It is a suburb city that is growing quickly. Chubbuck, Idaho, is another city located just 49 miles outside of Idaho Falls City. It is a fantastic family-friendly neighborhood. Jerome, Idaho, is another place worth visiting. Located 167 miles from Idaho Falls City, this town has a small rural feel. Nearby are many exciting things to do and see!

Where & What To Eat

The community has many delicious places to dine at. Several host live entertainment, karaoke nights and give guests an elegant dining experience. Whatever type of restaurant you're looking for, this neighborhood has it. 


SnakeBite is a local favorite. It is a family-owned and operated business bursting with secret recipes and one-of-a-kind dishes. In addition, the restaurant has an extensive draft beer menu.

Draft Beer at SnakeBite in Idaho Falls, ID

Dixie’s Diner

Locals visit this diner often because they can count on the fast, friendly, and fantastic service they’ll receive. The diner serves large portions and has a hip 1950’s interior. 

Chef Shane’s Perspective

Chef Shane's Perspective offers guests an exquisite fine dining experience in Idaho Falls City. Each meal begins with crusty bread, and the restaurant serves elegant dishes such as flatbread with chorizo Romesco sauce. 

What To Do In The Community

The wonderful part about this fantastic city is that there is plenty to do, all the time. It has fantastic, diverse weather, which gives residents access to outstanding recreation and entertainment. The community has many paved trails that are well-maintained, perfect for cyclists, runners, strollers, and more. It's a neighborhood that supports active and healthy living. Simply being outside is a great experience, but there are some extraordinary things to do that should be noted.

Idaho Falls Riverwalk & Greenbelt

Idaho Falls Riverwalk & Greenbelt is a beautiful outdoor area. It has approximately 5 miles of paved trails accompanied by spectacular scenery alongside every step. The area has bold, bright, extensive gardens that are very well-kept and beautiful to sit beside or enjoy while passing by. Locals use the Riverwalk to get to various amenities and attractions, and it's a great place to visit all year.

Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park

This exciting park has beautifully aged trees, picnic shelters, green space, soccer fields, and even an amusement park. It's a great place for families in Idaho Falls City to spend time. There is a ton of room to run, play, explore, and adventure!

Tautphaus Park in Idaho Falls, ID

The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho

The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho is an exemplary place exhibiting art. It runs various art programming and supports local artists. The museum hosts several special events every month, from poetry slams to painting classes. The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho is an inspiring place to visit, and because it's always changing and updating, it's always a great place to see. 

The beautiful neighborhood has an extensive amount of recreation opportunities. There are many restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and more. It is an area with vibrant streets lined with old historic buildings, antique signs, perfect trees, and benches to sit and enjoy the environment. 

See the Falls.

Get a first-hand view of the spectacular 600-foot wide waterfall that is on the Snake River. The area is excellent for many outdoor recreations such as hiking, cycling, and walking. 

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The Real Estate Market & Job Opportunities

The real estate market in this municipality is hot and quick. Because of the explosion in population in the most recent years, there is an increased demand for housing, more specifically, affordable housing. 

The real estate market in Idaho Falls City can be tricky to get into because of the increase in home prices and home values, but it is worth it. When you buy in this market, you secure your proximity to some fantastic amenities. The area has plenty to offer residents. There are many fantastic real estate opportunities ranging from tall condo buildings, row townhomes, side by sides, and more. The market is diverse and hot!

Due to the increase in housing, there is an increase in job opportunities as well! As a result, the community has grown exponentially with great opportunities in real estate and career potential. 

Top Employers 

  • Idaho National Laboratory - The Idaho National Laboratory employs nearly 4,000 employees. The laboratory works on producing and creating nuclear energy.
  • Meleleuca Inc. - Meleleuca Inc. is a health and wellness company. The company creates and sells non-toxic cleaning, health supplements, and vitamins.
  • Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center - This hospital has 330 beds and several physicians and health care staff.

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Medical Doctor

Education Opportunities

This city has fantastic education opportunities for all ages and learners. It has two fantastic public school districts (districts 91 and 93) and four excellent high schools. The area also has the Eastern Idaho Technical College, a great 2-year state college. 

Excellent Education Opportunities in Idaho Falls City:

Tourist Attractions Nearby

There are several unique tourist attractions nearby. They are exciting to visit whether you are a local or a tourist. So grab your camera and get ready to visit some incredible attractions.

Giant Eagle Waterfall Nest

Giant Eagle Waterfall Nest is a stunning sight to see. It is a large sculpture that has many intricate details. Make sure to plan to spend an amount of time so you can see the entire sculpture. There are small hidden details all over. 

Idaho Falls Temple and Visitors Center

The temple is beautiful. Wander through the gardens and walking paths to see the entire temple. The gathering spot attracts many. It looks so lovely, and it's a calm, beautiful place to be.

Sportsman Park

Sportsman Park is a great place to spend time. Tourists and locals flock here for the fantastic picnic shelters, great scenery, and cultural details. 

Temple in Idaho Falls, ID

The Final Word On Idaho Falls City

The city is fantastic. Whether you're visiting or living there, there are many amazing things to do, see, experience, and eat. There are plenty of tourist attractions to visit and local-loved landmarks. In addition, the community gives residents access to excellent educational opportunities. There are several nearby schools suitable for adult and child learners. 

Idaho Falls City has many beautiful stunning attractions. A carved Giant Eagle's Waterfall Nest, a 600-foot waterfall, many bright and colorful gardens, and much more can be found throughout the city. In addition, the city has a great real estate market suitable for renters and owners. The city has everything one would need! 

Quick Recap On This Welcoming City

  • Great location
  • Access to a fantastic education
  • Many beautiful landmarks to visit
  • Access to beautiful parks, green spaces, soccer fields, and more outdoor sports
  • Many community events
  • Warm summers and cold winters
  • Beautiful hanging flower baskets 
  • Attractive city


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